Where to buy handmade face masks

Part of the reason the public was asked not to wear face masks was that there was a fear that if everybody bought them there wouldn’t be enough medical masks for front line and medical personnel who really need them. This means that wearing home-sewn fabric masks and face coverings is a great way to go if you’d like to wear a mask when out in public. Some of you don’t want to sew these yourself so I’ve put a shout out and here is a list of makers that are making handmade re-usable cloth masks, please support them. Please note we are not endorsing or associated with any of these companies, nor the use of face masks. This post is for information only. If you’d like to read our review of mask patterns I’ve tried so far them please check that out here, and I’ve also put together a post about fabrics and notions you can use for mask making

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